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    Big Bend Hot Springs Resort - $2,225,000



How about a property that offers....

  • Natural Artesian Hot Water
  • One Mile of River Frontage
  • 140 Scenic Mountain Acres
  • Natural Cold Water Springs
  • Sparkling Mountain Creeks
  • Historical Status
  • Commercial Recreation Zoning

With a potential for…..

  • Hot Springs Resort
  • Retreat Center
  • Recreational Facility
  • Fishing Lodge
  • Geothermal Power Generation
  • Natural Wellness Center
  • Campground
  • RV Park
  • Private Estate



The natural hot water that flows beneath this property is unique, as compared to most other hot water springs found throughout California, for two reasons: (1) higher than average temperature, and (2) better quality of water. Beneath the 140 acres flows an abundance of natural hot water reaching temperatures of 180 degrees. In addition, the natural hot water found on this property has a very low mineral and sulfur content as compared to many other hot springs.

The hot water is currently acquired for use through wells and natural artesian flows. One artesian flow produces approximately 200 GPM and another is estimated to be between 150-300 GPM.

Until very recently, the property was operated as a small hot springs resort with man made hot water baths and camping facilities.

Additionally, there are also several naturally occurring hot springs at the property’s river’s edge. One of these, locally known as the Indian Hot Springs, is a series of natural hot water pools adjacent to the river. Normally, one will usually find approximately a half-dozen pools that have formed within the river rocks of the river bed. Much of the natural hot water flows from the river bank….through some of the pools and then into the flowing main cold water channel portion of the river. Depending upon the specific location of each pool in relation to the river channel and river bank….the water will vary in temperature. For an example…..those pools located nearest the river bank (hot water source) will be the hottest and each succeeding pool will be cooler as you progress towards the main river channel. Bottom line….depending on your mood and taste….you can jump from one to another and appreciate the subtle temperature differences of each…..from very hot to very cold and everything in between!

Another natural hot spring, locally known as Crystal Hot Springs, is just upstream from the Indian Hot Springs. Named after the crystal veins which run through many of the rocks there, this hot spring pool is unique in that it offers natural Mud Baths. Nearby is Kings Pool....a large swimming hole with natural "jacuzzi vents" of warm water penetrating up through the cool river water and offering the ultimate swimming experience!



Located on California ’s scenic Pit River , the property is ideally located between two large recreational lakes. Several miles west and downstream, is Shasta Lake ….California’s largest reservoir; and several miles upstream is Lake Britton . Approximately one mile of the Pit River defines the northern boundary of the 140 acre parcel. One of the largest and most scenic rivers in Northern California, the Pit is widely known for its excellent trout fishing.

This is the home of the native Pit Rainbow. A biologist has called the Pit the finest naturally-occurring wild-trout river in California . This particular location on the Pit where the property is located is considered to be within the “Five Reach”, one for three reaches on the river that is considered ideal for fishing.   Pit River Fishing



This impressive amount of acreage not only provides ample space to create any scale of facility development desired, but also provides the privacy to enjoy it. The acreage has a rare combination of natural water features….both surface and underground….of hot and cold water….with springs, creeks, artesian flows and an awesome river. Approximately two-thirds of the acreage consists of sloping forested terrain composed primarily of a variety of pine, fir, oak and cedar trees. This portion with its views, wildlife and scenic natural habitat, would be ideal for trail systems, individual cabins, etc.

The balance of the terrain and adjacent to the river is mostly flat to shallow sloping. Some portions of this terrain would be ideal for lodges, cabins, campgrounds, RV sites, etc. Topography elevation ranges from 1600 feet to 2075 feet. A majority of the land surrounding this parcel consists primarily of large tracts of land generally ranging in size from 80 acre parcels to 640 acre parcels. A majority of this adjacent land is owned by large private timber companies such as Roseburg and Sierra Pacific; the U.S. Forest Service ( Shasta National Forest ) and Pacific Gas & Electric….the utility company serving most of California . Generally, these owners do not mind individuals recreating on their land (horseback riding, hiking, etc.)….as long as such use does not cause harm to the environment. However, it is always advisable to check with these property owners prior to such use. These neighbors are ideal because these large tracts of land provide thousands of acres of mountain scenery and wilderness.



Any future development can take advantage of year-around cold water springs that are found on the property. Located on the higher terrain and near some of the springs, are four newer poly tanks providing approximately 20,000 gallons of storage capacity as well as a cement tank with an additional 8,000 gallons. Fed by a year-around natural continuous gravity flow (ranging from approx. 7-20 GPM) of spring water, these tanks maintain a constant supply of water. The stored water is presently piped through gravity flow down the mountain providing irrigation, fire protection and washing water for the camp sites.

Although these springs are potable, for use in a Commercial operation, the county has indicated that they would require the installation of a formalized tap system to prevent any contamination of Ecoli in the summer months. Two cold water wells, that are not currently in operation, may be available for more water. Future development could acquire additional cold water by further improvement of the existing springs and the drilling of additional wells.



The scenic and crystal clear waters of Indian Springs Creek flow through the eastern portion of the property. Riparian water rights are available from this creek and a portion of the waters are used to temper and cool the hot water flow into the hot water baths.

In addition, other water springs found on the property, form smaller cascading creeks along the mountain sides. The flow of these creeks will vary seasonally.



Approximately 20 acres of the east portion of the property is currently zoned as “Commercial Recreation (C-R) District”. This approximate 20 acre portion is the heart of the acreage and contains many of the existing improvements including the hot water baths. The following is a partial list of some of the commercial recreational uses that would be permitted by the county under this zoning…..campground, picnic area, dude ranch, resort, lodge, RV Park, commercial riding stable, etc.

The remaining portion of the property is currently zoned as “Unclassified (U) District”. For a complete list and explanation of these zoning districts, please click on the following link: Shasta County Zoning



The Hot Springs and Big Bend area is bathed in a rich and colorful history. Various historical periods of the Springs have ranged from the use by early American Indians to a Spanish mining outpost in the early 1800’s to the first few white men arriving about 1860 to being on an alternate route of the Old Oregon Trail to the Lumberjack era of the 20th century. Today, the Big Bend Hot Springs enjoys a reputation as being one of the best Hot Springs in the West with its high water quality and temperature and having the added fortune of being surrounded by incredible mountain scenery.

In 1949 it was written…..
“In the early 1890’s it was discovered that the sulphur hot springs in Big Bend had healing powers, both from bathing and drinking. The news spread fast and many rheumatics and sick people rushed in the year around for relief. The rush is still on. Many have been healed or greatly helped by these waters.”
Big Bend - Early History of Big Bend by Leslie B. Ralston. The Covered Wagon, 1949

Although we do not suggest that the Big Bend Hot Springs offer healing powers, there are many in the Hot Springs community that believe there are benefits from the use of them.



The Big Bend Hot Springs is located in the heart of the Shasta Cascade Region.
Northern California's Shasta Cascade Region

Just three hours north of San Francisco , the Shasta Cascade, an outdoor recreation wonderland the size of the state of Ohio , provides something for everyone to discover and enjoy both old and young. The bounty of the Shasta Cascade’s natural attractions includes seven national forests, and eight national and state parks. Recreation opportunities abound, from backcountry roads to explore with your SUV, or a beautiful scenic drive along the Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway, All American Road , to visiting small quaint Victorian towns. The Shasta Cascade, a scenic venue for camping, hiking, biking, fishing, house-boating, water-skiing, snowshoeing, downhill and cross country skiing, and wildlife viewing will provide your vacation with great recreation, adventure and relaxation - the perfect escape from the fast pace of city life while you enjoy the uncrowded, unspoiled, wide open spaces. Shasta Cascade Area:



This property package offers a unique combination of features and amenities not found anywhere else:

Existing Infrastructure....includes a road system, parking areas, electricity, cold and hot water wells, fire hydrant, fire suppression system, irrigation system, septic sites, campgrounds, man-made baths, fencing and Commercial Recreation Zoning. Existing structures include a few small storage buildings.

Natural Features....River frontage, creeks, springs, artesian cold and hot water, forests, sloping and level terrain, privacy, neighboring expansive forest lands, ideal weather, ideal elevation and an abundance of beauty.

All of this provides a very unique foundation with which to create a variety of projects including the following:



The Big Bend Hot Springs has a long rich history and presently enjoys an excellent reputation among hot springs aficionados. The existing baths are grandfathered in and can be updated and improved upon. These baths, which are at the rivers edge and have awesome views of the river, are unique… most governmental agencies will not permit encroachment that close to a river. Further expansion of this use might include additional baths, cabins, lodge or treatment facility, and conference center for gatherings. Just use your imagination.


On file, there is copy of a engineer’s site plan that was created a couple of years ago, that describes a proposed project consisting of 30 RV sites w/hookups; 12 Camping Cabins; Campsites; a large Conference Center; Activity Center, Hot Water Baths, Road and Trails systems and the associated necessary infrastructure to make it happen. Although this project was just an engineer’s conceptual plan and was never presented for official approval, it does illustrate as an example, the numerous and varied potential scenarios that are conceivable.


Located on one of the nation's most premier fishing rivers, the property would provide an ideal location for a world class fishing lodge or retreat. The potential for this use is incredible. See the following links:
Pit River Fishing

Pit River Fishing 1



If you choose to build your dream home on the property and enjoy your very own recreational paradise, you may want to plan on building a huge house…..for you will have plenty of friends and family wanting to visit you!  There will be no doubt that you will have one of the most unique estates in the country!



By definition, geothermal power is the use of geothermal heat for electricity generation. In areas with high temperature ground water at shallow depths, wells are drilled. The tapped steam and hot water can then be used to generate electricity.
This property is suited for this purpose. Several geothermal wells have been drilled, tested and capped.

Nearby Indian Springs Elementary school uses a geothermal system to provide space heating and hot water for 3 classrooms, a gymnasium, the kitchen and a 70,000 gallon swimming pool. Indian Springs School : INDIAN SPRINGS - fact sheet(PDF)



This resort property is located immediately west of the small community of Big Bend in California ’s scenic Shasta County . The property is approximately one hour’s drive northeast of the city of Redding via State Hwy 299E and then north on Big Bend Road , a well-maintained paved county road. Redding , a full service community with a population of 85,000 happy people, is located on California ’s I-5 corridor and has two scheduled air carriers servicing its municipal airport. Visiting Redding

Approximately 30 minutes east of the property is located next largest community of Burney (pop. 3500). Branching out further….the property is approximately 4 hours drive time from San Francisco ; 3 hours from Sacramento ; 3 hours from Reno , NV and 4 hours from Medford , OR.




For additional information regarding this property, please contact:

Al Swan

Realtor / Broker
Real Estate Professionals GMAC
Ranch & Land Division
(530) 224-6704
or email Al Swan


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