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Bullskin Ridge Ranch

A Diverse Mountain Ranch

  • 156 Deeded Acreage
  • 2 Ranch Homes
  • Multiple Shops
  • Barns
  • Multiple Springs
  • Irrigated & Fenced Pastures
  • Timber
General Description

Nestled in a secluded valley surrounded by stunning mountains, the Bullskin Ridge Ranch offers an exceptional opportunity for cattle, horse, and multi-family buyers alike. This expansive 156-acre property features a gated 4-acre compound with two ranch homes, making it perfect for multi-family living arrangements.

For horse enthusiasts, the ranch boasts a 30-acre sub-irrigated pasture, fenced and cross-fenced, providing ample space for grazing and riding. With well-maintained trails and a spacious barn, it's an ideal setup for equestrian activities.

Cattle ranchers will appreciate the property's abundant grazing land, supported by natural spring water sources for irrigation and drinking. The fenced and cross-fenced layout allows for efficient herd management.

In addition to its agricultural appeal, Bullskin Ridge Ranch offers a peaceful retreat for multi-family buyers. Whether enjoying the outdoors or gathering around the fire pit, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Bullskin Ridge Ranch is more than just a property; it's a versatile opportunity for those seeking a ranch lifestyle or a secluded mountain retreat for their family and livestock.


The Bullskin Ridge Ranch sprawls over 156 deeded acres across two Shasta County parcels, cradled in a secluded valley embraced by meadows and pasture, encircled by forested mountains, with Bullskin Ridge as the defining eastern boundary. Approximately 35 acres showcase picturesque meadows and pasture, complemented by 120 acres of thriving forest land and timber. The acreage is thoughtfully allocated to various improvement projects. Navigable through a network of ATV or Jeep roads and hiking trails, the ranch seamlessly integrates natural splendor with practical accessibility, creating a distinctive retreat within its expansive boundaries.

Accessor Parcel Map


Situated within a functional compound, you'll find two ranch-style homes accompanied by several outbuildings. The main residence, spanning around 1600 square feet, is designed for practical living with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, and spacious living areas including a large living room and family room. The remodeled home features a fireplace, woodstove, and easy-to-maintain laminate floors. The master bath is equipped with a tiled and glass walk-in shower, as well as a slipper-claw-foot tub, adding practical luxury to daily routines. Moving on to the second home, a guest-friendly space of approximately 1300 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a double car garage, this area is well-suited for accommodating guests or providing additional living space.  In essence, these homes are thoughtfully arranged to serve the practical needs of everyday life, offering functionality, convenience, and a straightforward layout that facilitates comfortable living.


Equipment for the ranch operations includes vehicles, a backhoe, mobile solar powered carts and platforms, sawmill, chippers, trailers and many other pieces of heavy-duty equipment, as well as metal and wood shop power equipment and hand tools.  All or some of the equipment is available for purchase separately.  List available upon request.


The ranch boasts a diverse array of structures catering to various functionalities. Enclosed within the compound are notable features such as a 3-bay equipment storage building sporting a durable metal roof, a food prep facility complete with a metal roof, a walk-in cooler, and conveniently adjacent cold and hot smokers. Additionally, the premises house a 2-bay storage building, a single carport, a double carport accompanied by storage space, a spacious woodshed, and a well-constructed large turkey and chicken coop.

Situated on the eastern side of the property is a substantial hay/animal barn, providing ample space for agricultural pursuits. Adding to the charm of the landscape is a 30-foot yurt featuring native blue pine tongue & groove flooring and a woodstove, complemented by a new log cabin and a 30' x 50' metal shop. The metal shop stands out with its concrete flooring and a generously sized 12' x 14' roll-up door, enhancing the functionality of the farm and catering to diverse operational needs.


Spanning the eastern mountainous expanse of the acreage, a network of natural springs graces the landscape. Among these, two springs have been strategically tapped into, serving as essential sources for both irrigation and potable water for the entire ranch. There are also several other springs that are natural and untapped. Beyond their role in sustaining the ranch's water needs, these springs contribute to the sub-irrigation of the meadow, ensuring the lush vitality of the vegetation. 

The integrity of the watershed is further fortified by the protective embrace of extensive neighboring tracts of timberland, safeguarding the natural flow and quality of the water resources. This symbiotic relationship between the springs and the surrounding timberland underscores the environmental resilience and resourcefulness inherent to the ranch's location.

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The geographical features of the property exhibit a diverse topography, ranging from level to steep terrain. The focal point is a scenic open meadow adorned with pasture areas, presenting a picturesque landscape that gently slopes to the southwest. Flanking this idyllic scene are expanses of forested land on both sides of the valley, characterized by terrain varying from moderate to sloping. The elevation of the acreage spans from approximately 2250 feet to 2750 feet, contributing to the overall scenic and dynamic nature of the surroundings.                                                                                                             Topo Map              


Situated just 8 miles northeast of the charming community of Oak Run and a mere 29 miles northeast of Redding, a city boasting a population of 90,000 happy residents, this property resides in the picturesque Shasta County of Northern California. Nestled amidst similar properties, the rural expanse offers an enchanting panorama of the valley and the majestic mountains that embrace it.

Centrally located near the best spring, summer, fall and winter outdoor recreation in the nation, this property is within 90 minutes of it all! Lying within the heart of the Shasta Cascade Wonderland, the property is located near national parks, recreation and wilderness areas; numerous lakes and several rivers and creeks.


Approximately 116 acres of the farm, which includes the improvements and structures, is presently zoned Timberland (TL) District.  The balance of the acreage is zoned Unclassified (U) District.                                                                    Zone Map

Nearest International Airport

Sacramento International
Distance from property: 171
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Nearest Regional Airport

Redding Municipal
Distance from property: 30
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Nearest Paved Airport

Redding Municipal
Distance from property: 30
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